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The Casale San Martino was bought by the well-known roman builder Graziano Graziani, born in Nottoria, a little town near Norcia.

Thanks his natural taste and love for the ancient and with the help of well-known experts, he succeeded in giving the refreshed rooms of the Casalethe the typical charm of the ancient habitations perfectly harmonized with a modern comfort.

Indeed the Casale is characterized by elegant openings and by the big stony fireplace, the roofing and the characteristic floor both made with old tiles . All these elements give the whole structure the architectural character so typical in the art buildings of cinquecento designed by Vignola.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Graziano Graziani and in the context of this good friendship the project of the new Country house was born, then developed by his son Angelo who has the same taste for beauty and the same love for Norcia.

Novella, my daughter, has take on the commitment to keep and give value to this structure helped by her husband Alberto and her brother Emiliano who shall provide his Restaurant “TheTavernade’ Massari” to complete and make the stay more attractive.

I wish my sons well and a good work together. I wish the Graziani family that this work also concurs to keep in mind in the people of Norcia the importance of the leading figure of Graziano Graziani.

I wish our guests as well to spend wonderful holydays here in the “Casale San Martino”.

                                     Pasquale Gregori

Novella gives you the tourist accommodation in Casale San Martino in Norcia
Country House "Il Casale San Martino"
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