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Norcia is a pre-etruscan town and its age is testified by many archaeological finds. It was a roman town as well and lived a glorious economic and cultural period during the 13th and 16th centuries. It is a town full of history and its monuments are the lasting evidence.

Norcia has many business activities such as the local handcraft, bars and restaurants where it is possible to taste the well known cookery specialties and the typical local products: the truffles, the ham, the lentil, the spelt, among others.


Saint Beneditc’s Basilica The church dates back to the 13th century but it has been repaired several times. The façade has the form of a hut (13th century) and shows a widely spread scheme used in the region and other examples here in Norcia can be found. (Saint Francesco and Saint Augustin).

The Town Hall The Town Hall dates back to the 14th century but only the lower part and the elegant portal are authentic. The balcony and the upper part date back to the 19th century. One of the two marble lions at the beginning of the balustrade of the steps is signed by Domenico Mollaioli, who dealt with the repairing of the façade at the end of the 19th century. Inside there are the Major Council Room, the Sertorian Room, called also The Room of the Quaranta” and the Priors’ Chapel.

Palazzo Comunale - Piazza di Norcia - Umbria in the beautiful historical park of the Sibillini    St. Benedict - Piazza di Norcia - Perugia - Umbria Medieval
Santa Maria Argentea - Cathedral - Norcia - Umbria   La Castellina - Norcia Museum - Culture and Relaxation in Norcia - Perugia
The “Castellina” The Castellina is a walled building . It was the papal governors’ see built by Giulio III for the control over the town of Norcia ruled at that time by a republican government. Jacopo Barozzi from Vignola drew the plan in 1554. It includes the podestà palace and the pieve of Saint Maria Argentea.

The Cathedral of Saint Maria Argentea The cathedral of Saint Maria Argentea took its name from the medieval pieve demolished to give place to the Castellina, in 1554. The church has an elegant façade, three naves and family chapels with precious paintings. In the chapel of the Mercy, at the bottom of the left aisle, there is a fresco considered to be one of the symbols of Norcia.

The Tempietto The Tempietto is the most original and best preserved monument in Norcia. It was built by Vanni della Tuccia in 1354. In the Middle Ages it was called Maina. This stony classic building has a sculpted decoration which reminds the Lombard goldsmith, with the presence of some esoterical elements .

The Town Theatre of Norcia The theatre was planned by architect Domenico Mollaioli in 1872. Before the dreadful fire that destroyed completely the interior in 1952, the building presented a horseshoe-shaped room, three rows of tribunes, a loggia and a stage. Today, after renovation works made in 1995, the interior is completely reconstructed in modern shapes, with stalls, a gallery and a wide stage. The theatre season is always full of events of national relevance.

Tempietto - votive shrine of the fourteenth century - in Norcia, Via Umberto - a Norcia in Via UmbertoTeatro Comunale - Art Culture Entertainment Norcia - Umbria Rich Theatre Season

Nature and history around us (back to top)

Beyond the charming landscapes, the Natural Park of the Sibillini includes many little towns, abbeys and historical places for the visitors of the area.


Le Marcite di Norcia - Irrigation system of the Benedictines - UNESCO World Patrimoy

Castelluccio di Norcia -Weekend in the National Park of Monti Sibillini in Umbria - UNESCO World Patrimony

The “Marcite” of Norcia The “Marcite” is an irrigation system, wisely organized in the Middle Ages by the Benedictins, who restarted the pre-existing structure built by the Romans. The spring water there is at a constant temperature of 10 degrees and this allows to harvest seven times a year: the 7th harvest is left to rot (in Italian “marcire”) for ground topdressing .

Castelluccio of Norcia The little town is completely plunged in the Sibillini mountains and the Vettore (2470 mt.) soars above it with a difference in altitude of 1000 mt. The atmosphere there is so suggestive that the place is considered to be the Italian Tibet. The most inspiring event happens in June when the surrounding valley becomes a huge painter’s palette since the flowers are in full bloom. Beyond the white of the lentils’ flowers the yellow the red and the blue stand out. Sheep farming has been the main activity here since the Middle Ages and nowadays the area is the destination of the “transumanza”, the move of the animals from the neighboring regions to the this plain. Tourism and sports as hiking, biking, riding horses or mules, hand gliding and paragliding, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoe trips are other activities that can be practiced

The Castorian Valley The valley extends towards the town of Visso and there are many castles there built to defend Norcia. There are some country churches too, as the best known abbey of Saint Eutizio.

The Castle of Campi It dates back to XIII century when it was fortified and surrounded by walls, still standing. The eastern entrance that goes to the square is still intact. The castle had a pawn bank since 1502, the cloister of the minor Franciscans and the monastery of the Benedictine nuns of Saint Orsola. The churches of Saint Andrew, the Madonna of the Square or of the Mercy are worth seeing.

The church of San Salvatore The pieve has a front with two rose windows and two portals (the one on the left was built in the fourteenth century, the one on the right instead is gothic). Its interior strikes with its rich painted decoration of the left aisle, as opposed to the right side where decoration is absent..

The Abbey of Saint Eutizio It was built by the Syrian monks in the V century. It was a little hermitage at the beginning and then it became the center of the western monasticism. The exterior is characterized by an original façade made by Mastro Pietro: it has a beautiful Romanesque portal and a rose window with the Evangelists’ symbols. The interior navy, with a high levelled presbytery and the two-columned crypt, has a precious temple sculpted by Rocco di Tommaso from Vicenza in 1514, that keeps the mortal remains of Saint Eutizio. In this abbey the surgical school from Preci was born and one of the first specialized microsurgery school was formed.

The Castle of Preci The first document where the name of Preci appeared dates back to 1232. The castle was built in the second half of XIII century. At the beginning it was part of Spoleto property and then it was submitted to the town authority of Norcia. The prestige of medical experts from Preci grew up all over Europe and many families employed Lombard master workers to build their elegant palaces. The built up area, very concentrated, joins to the main square where the pieve of Saint Mary, built in XIII century, stands. The main gothic portal of 1300 is particularly sober. Later, on the left side, an important portal dating back to 1400 was opened and on the same wall there are many escutcheons and fragments of writings.

Norcia - Castello di Campi - Parco Nazionale Monti Sibillini Church of San Salvatore in Campo di Norcia - Umbria History Sant'Eutizio - Benedictine abbey in Preci  Valnerina Preci, the country of surgery preciani near Norcia - Perugia


The sports and activities in the park (back to top)

Many sport and tourist activities can be practiced in the national park. The visitors have the opportunity to spend pleasant and entertaining days outdoors.


Sibillini Mountains National Park - Walking in Norcia and Castelluccio  Castelluccio di Norcia - Trekking with donkeys and mules in the National Park of Monti Sibillini in Umbria

Horse trekking holiday - Norcia and Castelluccio - Umbria - Italy  Castelluccio di Norcia - Hang Gliding and Paragliding Flight School in the park of the Sibillini in Umbria

Castelluccio di Norcia - Umbria in Mountain Bike - Rent Bike in Norcia  Raftingon the Corn River  in Norcia - Norcia and Castelluccio - Umbria - Italy

Castelluccio di Norcia - Canoeing in National Park of Monti Sibillini in Umbria  Valnerina - Tibetan Bridge - sourviving in the parco nazionale dei Monti Sibillini in Umbria

Experimental Archaeology in Umbria - Norcia e Castelluccio - Umbria - Italy  Archery nel parco nazionale dei Monti Sibillini in Umbria

Canyoning in Valnerina - Norcia - Umbria -Environmental Sports in Umbria  Nordic Walking - Walk e sport a Norcia in Umbria

Walking along the tracks For calm people it is possible walking in the plane of Saint Scolastica, passing through the ancient tracks opportunely marked to reach the many little towns of the area. For more exigent people, going up towards Castelluccio of Norcia, at 1000 meter above the sea level, it is possible to visit the Vettore Mountain and Pilate’s Lake, unpolluted places.

Trekking and walking with donkeys and mules. The same tracks can be covered with mules and donkeys, that are calm and strong animals on which it is possible to organize trekking spending nights under a tent or in accommodation facilities.

Riding There are several riding schools to learn riding in this area. Riding horse on Sibyllines, along or out the paths, can give an incomparable sense of freedom.

Hang gliding and paragliding For people who love strong emotions. With expert instructors it is possible to taste the thrill of free flying over the plain of Castelluccio.

Mountain Bike You can rent bicycles to run through paths and tracks to discover the area. Riding on the track of the old railroad that connected Norcia to Spoleto is particularly amazing.

Rafting e Kayak The Corno river offers a simple and thrilling two-hours downhill in kayak or dinghy, suitable for adults and children. The equipment is supplied by the organization. You need only to wear a bath suit and bring your towel.

Surviving e Orienteering To learn how to orient oneself using the instruments and natural landmarks as the maps, compass, navigator, the sun and stars.

Experimental Archaeology It is possible to follow some classes to learn the rules of archaeology and to understand how our ancestors lived.

Archery You can learn all the archery techniques.

Canyonig  You will sink in the gorges, those magnificent natural cascades digged in the rock, with professional experts.

Nordic Walking Walking by following the principles of this discipline will permit you an harmonic development of the mind and body.


Winter Sports (back to top)

In winter people don’t get bored. Downhill skiing, but above all the cross-country skiing and Ciaspole, best-known as snow shoes, will put you in contact with the white landscape of the Sibillini mountains. In winter you will not get bored: you will enjoy the white landscape of the Sibyllines mountains practicing downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and walking with the “ciaspole”, better known as snow shoes.

Alpine skiing There are three ski resort. Forche Canapine is in the same municipality of Norcia, Prata Mountain, in the municipality of Castelsantangelo sul Nera and Frontignano, in the municipality of Ussita. There are several tracks for all level of skills and predilections. You can rent ski and take lessons there.

Cross-Country Skiing and Hiking You can visit all the Park of the Sibillini mountains with hiking ski. Trips with a guide are planned starting from the Forca Canapine refuge until the meeting in Norcia.

The Ciaspolata Each week-end trips with the ciaspole are organized in all the area of Castelluccio and Forca Canapine. Trips can be made by night also with torches and brightening up the experience with a good amount of “vin brulé”.

Ice-Skating AYou can enjoy a modern covered structure for ice-skating practice in Ussita.
You reach it driving on comfortable roads: it is forty minutes far away from Norcia.
You can rent skates there.

Skiing just minutes from Norcia - Skiing Holidays - Ski Holidays Cross-country skiing and hiking in Norcia - Ski Holiday in the Park

Snowshoeing Excursions in the park, even at night

Ice skating for 40 minutes from Norcia Ussita


Sport Structures (back to top)

Norcia is the see of championships, contests, training camps of the most different sport disciplines . For this purpose, the town of Norcia and private citizens provide their structures.


Fitness a Norcia - Holiday in Umbria - Castelluccio di Norcia  Sports Hall - sports competitions for all disciplines in Norcia

Swimming in Norcia - Summer and Winter for weekend relaxing  Piscina Comunale Scoperta di Norcia - Fine settimana in Casa vacanza

Soccer fields per 11, 8 and 5, in the heart of the National Park of  monti sibillini  Tennis courts in Norcia Umbria - Sports and relaxation in Umbriasibillini

Gymnasiums You can practice in three private gymnasiums and some modern school and town structures here in Norcia. You can pay also for a daily practice…this is for all people who want to keep on training.

Sport Palace There are two all-purpose sport palaces, one is 1600 square meters and can be divided in three fields with mobile walls. Here world and national championships take place.

Swimming Pools In Norcia you will find an indoor and an outside swimming pools.

Football and five-a-side football There are many football fields here in Norcia since it is considered to be the best see for the training camps of the best international football teams.

Tennis Courts Norcia offers six indoor and outside tennis courts.

other sports For its geographical position, for the quality of air, for its altitude (600 mt. above sea level), for its different leisure activities, Norcia is the perfect place for planning training camps for all ages and for all disciplines.


Services (back to top)

The welcome of the area is measured according to the services it offers to the visitor.

Travel Bureau The travel bureau is in Saint Benedict’s square, the main square in Norcia and is open all year long providing all information about tourist initiatives, accommodation facilities and activities in this area. It supplies useful material for the visitors of the town and the park.

The Hospital It is useful to know that Norcia has an Hospital with a surgery ward and a 24 hours first aid service, including the service of first aid call, dialing 118.

The Mountain Community and Civil Defense Norcia is the see of the Valnerina’s mountain community for the preservation and safeguard of the area. The mountain community is also the operating see of the civil defense.

Tourist Office of Norcia - information on accommodation and environmental Sports Hospital in Norcia Sibillini Mountains Park - Holiday and Security 

Mountain Community - Gestiione of the mountain territory  

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